Performed or Recorded with:

The Day Drinkers (cover - rock)
Blue Embrace (rock - heavy)
Ayhan Sahin (pop)
Joe Taylor (pop - rock) 

Adam Shenk (neo-soul)
King Holiday (rock - soul - indie)
Bobby Rodriguez (latin jazz)
Vern Woodhead (alt - prog - rock)
Tom "The Suit" Forst  (rock)
Andres Quintero (pop)
Oh Halo (rock - indie)
OuttaSight (hip-hop)
Blaqlist (nightclub improv)
Max Haymer (jazz)
Jordon Rothstein (rock - jazz)
Andrew Heringer (folk - rock)
Bishop's Collar (rock)
The Wellington Papers (indie - rock)
Cara Samantha (pop - soul)
Paul Cacia (big band - jazz)
Chris Faust (hip hip)
Berta's Bleu (soul - rock)
Jeanette Berry & The Soul Nerds (r&b - soul - rock)
Rodrigo Bonelli (jazz - latin)
Ibe (hip hop)
Andrea Capozzoli (r&b - soul)
Shan Kenner (jazz)
Jessy Lasso (pop - rock)
Steven Husted (jazz)
Learnz (hip hop)
Johnny Mambo (latin jazz)
Lead The Resistance (hip hop)
Brooklyn Wind Symphony (classical)
Chris Z and The Alcatraz Fugitives (big band - jazz)
Bill Keeton (gospel - jazz)